About MarkosRendell

A DevOps and Continuous Delivery specialist with 12+ years of experience in development, configuration management, infrastructure as code, continuous delivery, environment management, build, deployment and testing automation as well as tooling.

Currently run a team specializing in implementing continuous delivery for large-scale, transformation deliveries across multiple industries.  He is also a proud contributor to the DevOps Platform.

Likes contributing to Open Source: https://github.com/kramos/  and specialises in adding Vim support to .gitignore files.


AWS Solution Architect, PRINCE 2 practitioner, PMI PMP, Agile Scrum Master and ITIL V3, Java Developer and Oracle OCA certified.

Interested in continuous delivery, test driven development and agile.

Enterprise DevOps evangelist.

Likes playing with Skateboards, Guitars, Banjos, Drums, Pianos, Harmonicas, Ukuleles and Sitars (generally one at a time).

My postings reflect my own views and do not necessarily represent the views of my employer, Accenture.



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